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Join the WORLD’S BEST HYPNOTIST as he explores the absurd side of the creative human imagination…

Andrew Newton has more than 40 years experience in hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Seen Worldwide, he has hypnotised more than 62,000 people and over 6000 public and TV appearances. In the UK, he has sold out some Britain’s major theatres, including the Manchester Apollo, Edinburgh Playhouse and Liverpool Empire. At the world famous Leeds City Varieties, he has performed a record-breaking 340 shows.


“Andrew Newton has a love of the absurd which borders on the mischievous… his surreal sense of humour keeps the show bouncing along – always something new, always something surprising and delightful.” New Zealand Herald, February 2018

“For 40 years, Andrew Newton has thrilled audiences in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, Norway, Las Vegas, and the UK. Newton is light years ahead of any other stage hypnotist on the circuit. See him live and you’ll see why…”  Sydney Morning Herald

"Newton's respect for his volunteers shines through as he guides them through their own surreal unreality... They entertain us against a background of non-stop laughter and absurd stand-up comedy, improvised by people who probably didn't even know they could be funny! This is the acceptable face of stage hypnosis and it's worth seeing!"  Yorkshire Post 2023