Thank You For Doing Nothing

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Silent Uproar's satirical musical about climate change

“The year is 2099 and everything is brilliant… If you’re a god damn winner.”

In the near future so called “global warming” has apparently affected most of Britannia’s drinking water - if you want to believe the opinions of 99% of experts and their so called “science”.

But fear not; our hero, and lobbyist for the Big Water Corporation, Molly Pazgan is here to tell you that everything is fine: don’t worry about the colour of your tap water, there’s no conclusive evidence to suggest it’s what’s making your kids ill… and most of all to keep BUYING IT!

When evil environmentalists try and push through a clean water bill, Molly will be forced to SAVE THE DAY and take down this ridiculous notion that water is a basic human right. 

Multi-award-winning Silent Uproar are back after their critically acclaimed national tour of A Super Happy Story (About Feeling Super Sad) by Jon Brittain. Silent Uproar create new shows inspired by movies, comic books, and big ideas to make the world a little bit less bad.  

Thank You For Doing Nothing is a hilarious night out about the climate emergency and the men who profit from it, filled with spin doctors, dancing grannies and supernatural capitalists. Read more from their website from here.

Audience advice: Strong language. Age guide 12+.